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NEW Mariana Outdoor Living Set

Styled to bring the cozy living room to outdoor lounging, our Mariana Living Set invites you to soak up the sun in luxury. Mariana's plush cushions and coordinating frames blend seamlessly with any porch or patio décor, transforming your backyard into a beachside resort. Includes a glass topped coffee table.


Table: 26.52" X 26.52" X 14.43"
Chair: 26.52" X 26.52" X 26.13"
Bench: 51.09" X 26.52" X 26.13"
Ottoman: 26.52" X 26.52" X 14.43"

Weight Capacity: 

Table: 132.3 Lbs.
Chair: 330 Lbs.
Bench: 705.6 Lbs.
Ottoman: 352.8 Lbs.

Product Care: Store outdoor furniture indoors or cover well when not in use. Remove wooden furniture from standing water. Dust regularly with small brush or vacuum. Spills should be taken care of immediately before they harden or stain with a slightly dampened sponge. Do not use bleach solutions.